Become a Coach

The Demarest Athletic Association is a 501c3 non-profit whose sole responsibility is to organize the recreational and travel sports for the town of Demarest, NJ.
We hope you will join us as a parent, coach, or player in our exciting seasons of baseball, softball, basketball, and indoor & outdoor soccer. 
To sign up for a sport:
Click your sport of interest at the left. 
Seasons and signup will be listed within each sport. 

Open Registration:
Registration for Fall 2014 Outdoor soccer is now open!
Regular pricing is available through July 30.
After that you will incur a $50 late fee.

Next DAA meeting

The next meeting of the Demarest Athletic Association (DAA) will take place on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 7:30pm in the Wakelee Field House.
A portion of this meeting will be dedicated to nomination and election of board members. All 4 officer positions (president, VP, treasurer, and secretary) are filled on an annual basis. Two (of 5) director positions on the board of directors will also be also part of this election.
For the officer positions, Mike Dipple has been nominated for president, while the VP (Bill Lewis), treasurer (Steve Conti), and secretary (Jamie Noble) seek to remain in their respective positions for an additional term. Any additional nominations for officers or directors will be accepted from any adult Demarest, NJ resident who attends the meeting.

If your child currently participates in a DAA backed program, you are in fact a DAA member. As such, you are eligible to nominate officers and board members. You may also nominate someone (or yourself) for a board position.  Also, any adult serving in an official volunteer capacity with the DAA is eligible to nominate, regardless of a child’s participation.
As always, all Demarest residents are welcome to attend the meeting, as we very interested in developing our program. To do this we need your help!