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Meet YOUR Demarest Athletic Association

Mike Dipple

Mike has been a resident of Demarest for many years and is proud to serve as its president following many years serving as a coach and on the board and as softball commissioner. Priorities include rejuvenating the program and facilities as a shining star of Demarest.  

Vice President

Bill Lewis

Bill has lived in Demarest for 22 years. An active DAA member for 16 years, he has coached recreation and travel soccer, basketball, baseball and softball. Over the past 10 years, Bill has served as a DAA board member. All of his 4 children have participated in DAA programs. Two are currently competing at the collegiate level and two are members of NVD athletic teams.


Steve Conti

Steve Conti has been a member of the DAA since 1988. He has been treasurer since 1995. He has coached Baseball, Softball and Basketball and is currently coaching the 7/8 grade boys Knickerbocker Baseball. 


Jamie Noble

Jamie moved to Demarest in 2009, has coached his boys in baseball each Spring since 2012, and joined the DAA in 2013, rebooting its website in 2014.

Board Members

Mike Ference

Mike moved to Demarest in 2012 and has coached soccer, indoor soccer and baseball teams every season since he arrived.  He has served as the Assistant Commissioner for the DAA Soccer program and has been a DAA Board Member since 2014. 

 Dave Aboudi
 Rafi Buchnick
Baseball Commissioner
Don Morgan
Softball Commissioner

Adam Collins


Basketball Commisioners

Karen Jacobson

Karen moved to Demarest in 2002, became involved in DAA beginning in 2007, coached basketball since 2011, and reworked a very successful basketball program in 2013. 




Soccer Commissioner

Timothy Woods

Tim Woods was born and raised in Demarest and returned to his hometown in 2004 to raise his family.  Since 2007 Tim has been the Soccer Commissioner, recreation soccer coach, indoor soccer coach and coach of various travel soccer teams.   In addition to his involvement with soccer, Tim is an active member of Demarest’s Zoning board.